Cool swag

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Hello Hi There!!! Just checking in with some fashion items I spotted and plan to buy 😀








Summer Swag

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Hello Hi There!!! What it do ya’ll!!!! The suns shining, I’m down to my last essay, and I can see the ever so bright light of graduation calling to me like a lighthouse to a lost ship at sea *yeah yeah i know I’m better than Shakespeare lool* Anywhoooo as I took a gander across campus I am to an epiphany for swag!!!!I got my summer look 😀 Dr Martins, Chino shorts and some dope t-shirts oh and them retro kinda caridgans

!!! I’ve always had a fetish for Doc Martins, but was never brave enough… but you know what… stuff the world and its social constructs of what i can and can’t wear!!!!! I DO ME!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SEE GOD, IM JUST LIKE HIM 😀


check the swag 😀


if you like it good on ya … if you dont then dont wear it lol


Lil kids never cease to amaze me

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Hello Hi There!!! Its me again in a little break from my 4000 word assignment… Yes I’m still writing it, I can feel your judging eyes piercing through the screen… OK maybe not lol… But I saw this little girl on youtube and I just had to post her on my blog she’s adorable, she’s defo gonna be a star… Remember you heard it from me 1st OK Ellen hosted her on her show, but 2nd is still respectable lol anywhoooooo here she is!!! enjoy


I love my besties!!!

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Hello Hi There!!! Sometimes when you’re having a bad day and you wanna act like a diva with God and be all like “Ah leave me alone” or “WHY ME!!!” or even “you know what God, I’ll give up you know, don’t try stop me” looooooool oh I’ve made my self laugh out loud when I look back at my emotional rants with my best friend, lover and all around sweet heart Jesus… But the love of my life never leaves me, never forsakes me, but always points me back to His love… And I wanna take this moment to blog about my bestie Chi-Chi 😀 God really used her today to remind me how much He loves me, and His never ceasing affections, and even when I feel like giving up, His Grace (the divine influence of God) kicks in, and pushes me further than I ever thought I could go, and His love just gives me that motivation to fly kick the devil and remind him that he can’t dictate my mood, and even when he throws things my way Jesus is always there!!!!! And God just pointed me back to something Paul wrote “For I resolved to know nothing (to be acquainted with nothing, to make a display of the knowledge of nothing, and to be conscious of nothing) among you except Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and Him crucified.”(1cor 2:2) Because in His death my life begins, in His suffering I have victory, all I ever need is in Him crucified… Just like when a seed dies in the ground a tree is birthed baring fruit… I guess thats why we have fruits of the spirit because in His death is our life *Yeah I’m dropping some wisdom loool, I make myself chuckle*

Enjoy your nights, enjoy your dreams, enjoy your studying, enjoy your essays, but most of all ENJOY JESUS!!!!!!


one more shout out to chichi for beign there today love ya mayne!!!!





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Hello Hi There!!! If something does not enrich your life, I beg of you on my knees infact don’t let it affect you, deter your attention or even be a thought in the deepest corner of your mind!!!! Life is too short to be worried about what is not important!!! LOVE LIFE, ENJOY IT, AND BE HAPPY!!!!!! sorry for my rant but sometimes I get slightly irritated when people are upset for no reason… Great!!! Now I’m upset for no reason its just a stupid cycle of stupid lol… I feel so relaxed now *bbm dance* ppphhheewww!!!! Now back to my 4000 word project for marketing communications ps I’m 1068 words in and counting… YEAH I ROCK!!!!!


Introducing Kella B!!!

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Hello Hi There!!! Its ya guy Dewy Sinatra coming at you live from the computer room on campus lol, I was typing away at my 4,000 word project when I felt the sudden uncontrolable urge to blog (i need help, i’m becoming an addict…DONT JUDGE ME LOL)… So I thought I’d introduce ya’ll to a hot up and coming artist by the name of Kella B!!! She’s like my baby sis love this girl to death 😀 she’s super talented, beautiful and an abosulte neek, nerd and misfit hehehehe But her vocals are amazing dude *american NY accent* “word to moms son” looool i make myself chuckle, but anywhooooooooo here’s a lil video of my girl Kella B!!!

Watch out for her music!!! She’s gonna feauture heavy on the mix tape!!!


To my mother

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Hello Hi There!!! This is a lil something for the mothers out there… Happy mothers day!!!


My mother is an angel

A gift and a best friend

Back bone, the heart of me

Something like an artery

She’s so amazing

She turned a boy into a man

It wasn’t always easy

But she did the best she can

I thank God

Cause she’s my 31

You wanna be the one for me

You gotta go through my mum

No disrespect dad

But I’m a mummies boy

I know I’m not the only one

Let me hear the mummies boys

When God made ya

I know He took extra time

Dad can have 364

But today my mum is mine


❤ ❤ ❤