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This page is basically for cool stuff I find online or where ever and wanna share with you guys, and if you find cool stuff let me know and I’ll post it 😀


THIS JUST IN!!! (2.4.2011)

KFC HAVE A NEW BURGER CALLED THE DOUBLE DOWN… Sounds pretty normal right? But here’s the twist… This thing has no bread!!! I repeat no bread!!! Only chicken breast, cheese and bacon…

Sounds amazing right but its a freaking cardiac arrest for sale (lol i made myself chuckle there)… Here’s what it looks like:

So I was reading up on this new meal and heres what the Daily Mail had to say, ”

From a quick glance at the menu, a ‘bunless chicken sandwich’ might sound like the ideal meal for slimmers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is appealing to its carb-conscious customers by launching its first bread-free burger.

But dieters may wish to look a little more closely at the picture on the left before they place their order. The traditional bun has actually been replaced with two thick slabs of fried chicken… KFC insists the sandwich contains 540 calories – but it has been reported that it actually racks up a much higher figure of 1,228, or about half of a man’s recommended daily intake.

Read more:

Well there you have it folks, sounded like an amzing idea right, just chicken, bacon and cheese, but is it worth a heart attack at 21… I think not

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