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Can you define success???

Posted in Business, Fashion, Just Talking, Music on April 22, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Its your guy Dewy Sinatra coming at you… I know its been a hot second, but hey, I GOT EXAMS!!! lol… anywhoooooo I was sitting in one of my besties cribs (Kella B yoooo) and I was contemplating the future… you know do I follow my dreams of music, movies and fashion or do I compromise and just 9-5 to be safe; and came to the conclusion………. Sorry to all you 9-5’rs on there but its just not me :/… I can’t do it!!!! I’d suffocate!!!! I’d go insane!!! I have tooooooo much that I wanna say and do to be confined by the four walls of my would be office, with my desk stacked to heaven with paper work…….. Then I found an interesting quote from one of the richest men in the world right now.. Mr Bill Gates, he stated:

This really got me thinking, Ok Dewy, what defines success??? Is it banging out your 3 years of university and getting a 1st to go and work at a top company like microsoft, or is it when maybe you didn’t do as great as you wanted to at university but had a dream and you ran with it, and are still running with it, and now have your own company and are hiring university graduates to do the work… Hmmmmmmm…. I dunno its tricky right? OK how about this… If a treasure is in a field yeah… what is better, finding the treasure in the field? or being the person that owns the field? (wise words from a wise friend of mine)… is success being the guy that passed all his/her exams, gets a graduate scheme paying £25,000 – £35,000 , and then moves up the company and is on i dunno, lets say in 10-15 years they earn £100,000 a year… or is it the guy who maybe graduated with a 2:2 or maybe didn’t even graduate but had a dream or saw an opportunity and ran with it and is now a multi-millionaire… Can we even define success by the amount of money someone makes or is it something totally different?? I dunno guys I’m spitballing here lol… All I know is that to me success is more than a good degree and a nice first job, because you graduate from university at maybe 21-23 (depending on when you go i guess lol) and you still have like another 80-100 years of life left to live (hey bible promises us at least 120 years, Genesis 6) so is the first 20 something years of your life the most defining? I mean come on they can’t be… WELL THEY AREN’T GONNA DEFINE ME THATS FOR SURE (don’t get it twisted I’m on course for at least a 2:1 from the University of Kent baby!!!!) I’m just saying that once I graduate life begins, and those 3 years are just drops of water in an ocean of what I’m going to do with life... Hmmm I like that, I got bars you know lol… So yeah I plan to get involved in music (as a artist, producer, songwriter), fashion (as a designer) and movies (as a writer and director) I know I got big dreams!!! But I know a BIG GOD!!!!!! God told me that the only way to influence the world is to be in a position of influence and that’s where I’m headed!!!! And a 9-5 just can’t take me there :D… So as of May 11th 2011, I’m jumping in my spaceship, and setting my co-ordinates for the stars!!!! PREPARE FOR TAKE OFFFFFFFFFFF



Cool swag

Posted in Fashion on April 7, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Just checking in with some fashion items I spotted and plan to buy 😀







Summer Swag

Posted in Fashion on April 6, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! What it do ya’ll!!!! The suns shining, I’m down to my last essay, and I can see the ever so bright light of graduation calling to me like a lighthouse to a lost ship at sea *yeah yeah i know I’m better than Shakespeare lool* Anywhoooo as I took a gander across campus I am to an epiphany for swag!!!!I got my summer look 😀 Dr Martins, Chino shorts and some dope t-shirts oh and them retro kinda caridgans

!!! I’ve always had a fetish for Doc Martins, but was never brave enough… but you know what… stuff the world and its social constructs of what i can and can’t wear!!!!! I DO ME!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SEE GOD, IM JUST LIKE HIM 😀


check the swag 😀


if you like it good on ya … if you dont then dont wear it lol



Posted in Fashion on April 2, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! If you know me, then you’ll know I’m a shoe fanatic!!!!! I got like 25 pairs of trainers (hehe a guilty pleasure) and I was just chilling in the library and I stumbled upon a revelation of footwear!!!! Have you heard of ‘Chivalrous Culture’??? Well if you don’t know now you know lol… They’re by a very unlikely source to, DIGGY SIMMONS, you knoe Rev Runs 16 year old son!!! Makes me wanna step my desinger game up and get my stuff there *yeah I said it, MY STUFF I design fashion dude!!! Any way enough of my ranting, check out the shoes…

 These are called the – Hamachi Tuxedo – Black Tie

Hamachi Tuxedo – Black Tie

They’re awesome right!!!!!!!!
I’m so gonna cop a pair!!! Remember you saw em here first baby!!!!