If my life was an open book…

Hello Hi There,

It’s ya guy Dewy Sinatra with some poetry by yours truly… check it out dudes 😉



I don’t feel like I fit in with anyone

I don’t walk the same

Talk the same

Sometimes I feel like I’m another species

You know like a cheetah amongst leopards

We all have spots

But something’s not quite right


I don’t really vocalise my thoughts

That’s just how I am

I bottle my emotions and send them out to sea

Like a message in a bottle

Have you ever been in a room full of people?

And feel alone?

Well imagine feeling non-existent

Like you’re just a shadow…

I’m a fade into the background kinda guy

Seen but barely heard

Just there, just around

Starring vacantly, as empty as a blank canvas

I can paint though, a good picture that is

You know a stoke of blue; pretend its alright

A little dash of red; be the life of the party

I guess I can be a collage

I can take cut outs of what people want me to be

And make me out of that

Sometimes I forget who I am

And before you say it

I know I’m not rhyming

But it’s not really a poem

Its just how I feel, my thoughts put down

Don’t think I’m sitting here depressed

This isn’t a suicide note

But I hope you can take something from this

Get a pen… Pick a quote

I’m actually so elated

Because God pulled me out, so I could see

I love life, and I love God

So I’ve just got to be me

I’m black, but I love indie rock

I’m a guy and I love fashion… really, really love fashion

I don’t even have to say no homo

Cause me and God know that it’s no homo

God can pull you out of anything

Depression, lust, anger, even if you’re addicted to PS3

I’m standing living breathing proof

May have taken hits, and been beaten but not defeated

I’m gonna leave it here

And bid you adieu

Deuce up A town down

I hope this blesses you


Written by Dewy Sinatra




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