Hello Hi

Hello Hi There!!!

What’s poppin guys??? How exams??? Enjoying revision??? FYI… I’m finished my exams, and I’m finished university :D!!!! But anyway… I was sitting and contemplating on life, and it hit me “the future may seem scary, but you can’t run back to the past just because its familiar”. It’s like when you’re 21 and you step out of university you have the rest of your life ahead of you to live. Like you’re stepping out of the bubble of security that is university into the big bad world. No more student loan, no more chilling in the library till 3am… but now its real life. And I aint gonna lie to you… it had me scared. The prospect of growing from adolescent to actual grown up is not exactly enticing. I mean sure you can work, earn money, and be the boss of your own life, but is that really that exciting??? Lets think… majority of graduates go into jobs that they can’t stand for the rest of their natural life… ITS NOT MY PORTION!!!! What’s the point of getting to that stage in life when you are free to live to be chained down to a rigorous job you HATE. And don’t think I have a personal vendetta against 9-5 jobs, because I don’t, I just don’t think they’re for me… I love music & fashion too much, I just have to pursue it… On that note… Guess what guys???? No guess again??? Come on think harder… Are you even trying???… ok ok ok ok gosh I’ll tell you… I got my new studio!!!!!! And finally got my beats by dre solo HD headphones, which are amaze might I add ;)… So the mix tape is still under construction, but I got a lil something I wanna leave you with 😀


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