Brand New Poetry

Hello Hi There!!!

I know I been gone for a minute guys, but its revision season so just call me casper (cheesy i know lol), but I just had to blog this amazing new poem by a talented friend of mine Mr B Thanda, check it out, enjoy, and be blessed… DEUCES!!!

Why is it always hard putting the first few words together

When we have spent so much time apart?

Always finding myself at this very same predicament

Trying to gather the thoughts, that best describes the situation

How do I say hello again?

How long as it been?

6months? 8months?

Maybe more

Surely I have lost track of time.

My constant companion

Have I so neglected thee?

In search of what?

What indeed as occupied your position in my life?

I look around to see the culprit

Searching everywhere, covering the very perimeter of this life.

How of ten did I consider you?

However much time as passed

Did my consideration equate to the time pass?

Where you just a fleeting thought?

Or did I indeed give you time?

Its unnerving to think that I cannot tell how you feel

Or how my neglection affected you?

We had build such a strong fellowship

Yet I walked away

Turned my back on you

You gave my tongue room to speak

And allowed my heart to be the conductor of the thoughts

That reeled in my mind.

You became my canvas of expressions

So many times I recall

How you gave me the strength to overcome my shyness

Why is that we’re always hurting those closest to us?

Those who know how to touch our hearts

And cover our frailties?

How can I have walk away from thee?

No wonder I felt different

I could not fully express myself

You were always there to give me the right word to speak

But than I found myself standing alone.

Please forgive me

Forgive my selfishness

In thinking that I could do without thee by me

You embody me to do beyond myself

To reach above my limits

You cause me to see past the human spectrum

Today I make the choice to embrace you again

To hold your hand

That the ink of my heart may run freely again upon you.


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