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Brand New Poetry

Posted in Poetry on April 30, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!!

I know I been gone for a minute guys, but its revision season so just call me casper (cheesy i know lol), but I just had to blog this amazing new poem by a talented friend of mine Mr B Thanda, check it out, enjoy, and be blessed… DEUCES!!!

Why is it always hard putting the first few words together

When we have spent so much time apart?

Always finding myself at this very same predicament

Trying to gather the thoughts, that best describes the situation

How do I say hello again?

How long as it been?

6months? 8months?

Maybe more

Surely I have lost track of time.

My constant companion

Have I so neglected thee?

In search of what?

What indeed as occupied your position in my life?

I look around to see the culprit

Searching everywhere, covering the very perimeter of this life.

How of ten did I consider you?

However much time as passed

Did my consideration equate to the time pass?

Where you just a fleeting thought?

Or did I indeed give you time?

Its unnerving to think that I cannot tell how you feel

Or how my neglection affected you?

We had build such a strong fellowship

Yet I walked away

Turned my back on you

You gave my tongue room to speak

And allowed my heart to be the conductor of the thoughts

That reeled in my mind.

You became my canvas of expressions

So many times I recall

How you gave me the strength to overcome my shyness

Why is that we’re always hurting those closest to us?

Those who know how to touch our hearts

And cover our frailties?

How can I have walk away from thee?

No wonder I felt different

I could not fully express myself

You were always there to give me the right word to speak

But than I found myself standing alone.

Please forgive me

Forgive my selfishness

In thinking that I could do without thee by me

You embody me to do beyond myself

To reach above my limits

You cause me to see past the human spectrum

Today I make the choice to embrace you again

To hold your hand

That the ink of my heart may run freely again upon you.


Can you define success???

Posted in Business, Fashion, Just Talking, Music on April 22, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Its your guy Dewy Sinatra coming at you… I know its been a hot second, but hey, I GOT EXAMS!!! lol… anywhoooooo I was sitting in one of my besties cribs (Kella B yoooo) and I was contemplating the future… you know do I follow my dreams of music, movies and fashion or do I compromise and just 9-5 to be safe; and came to the conclusion………. Sorry to all you 9-5’rs on there but its just not me :/… I can’t do it!!!! I’d suffocate!!!! I’d go insane!!! I have tooooooo much that I wanna say and do to be confined by the four walls of my would be office, with my desk stacked to heaven with paper work…….. Then I found an interesting quote from one of the richest men in the world right now.. Mr Bill Gates, he stated:

This really got me thinking, Ok Dewy, what defines success??? Is it banging out your 3 years of university and getting a 1st to go and work at a top company like microsoft, or is it when maybe you didn’t do as great as you wanted to at university but had a dream and you ran with it, and are still running with it, and now have your own company and are hiring university graduates to do the work… Hmmmmmmm…. I dunno its tricky right? OK how about this… If a treasure is in a field yeah… what is better, finding the treasure in the field? or being the person that owns the field? (wise words from a wise friend of mine)… is success being the guy that passed all his/her exams, gets a graduate scheme paying Β£25,000 – Β£35,000 , and then moves up the company and is on i dunno, lets say in 10-15 years they earn Β£100,000 a year… or is it the guy who maybe graduated with a 2:2 or maybe didn’t even graduate but had a dream or saw an opportunity and ran with it and is now a multi-millionaire… Can we even define success by the amount of money someone makes or is it something totally different?? I dunno guys I’m spitballing here lol… All I know is that to me success is more than a good degree and a nice first job, because you graduate from university at maybe 21-23 (depending on when you go i guess lol) and you still have like another 80-100 years of life left to live (hey bible promises us at least 120 years, Genesis 6) so is the first 20 something years of your life the most defining? I mean come on they can’t be… WELL THEY AREN’T GONNA DEFINE ME THATS FOR SURE (don’t get it twisted I’m on course for at least a 2:1 from the University of Kent baby!!!!) I’m just saying that once I graduate life begins, and those 3 years are just drops of water in an ocean of what I’m going to do with life... Hmmm I like that, I got bars you know lol… So yeah I plan to get involved in music (as a artist, producer, songwriter), fashion (as a designer) and movies (as a writer and director) I know I got big dreams!!! But I know a BIG GOD!!!!!! God told me that the only way to influence the world is to be in a position of influence and that’s where I’m headed!!!! And a 9-5 just can’t take me there :D… So as of May 11th 2011, I’m jumping in my spaceship, and setting my co-ordinates for the stars!!!! PREPARE FOR TAKE OFFFFFFFFFFF


Introducing a new poet

Posted in Poetry on April 11, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!!


What’s good ya’ll a very good friend of mine has recently got into poetry and his stuff is dope and the content is amazing, its like he’s pouring out his heart to Jesus… ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Well enough my yabbering, check out the poem, trust this will bless ya!!!


How amazing you are my love,
A heart which is ready to comfort,
When all else fails, You are close.
A love so strong and secure.
How amazing you are my love.

I put my heart in your hands,
A waste with me, but completion in you.
Made new, soft, changed from stone,
As I receive from you, I give to them.
I put my heart in your hands.

In union with love, in union with peace,
Where do I start? Where does He end?
We are one, I am abandoned to Him.
Earth can never suffice my longings.
In union with love, in union with peace.

How amazing you are my love,
Time with you is not counted, nor lost,
The end of my pursuit,
The start of Life
How amazing you are my love.


Written by Caleb CBC




Cool swag

Posted in Fashion on April 7, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Just checking in with some fashion items I spotted and plan to buy πŸ˜€







Summer Swag

Posted in Fashion on April 6, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! What it do ya’ll!!!! The suns shining, I’m down to my last essay, and I can see the ever so bright light of graduation calling to me like a lighthouse to a lost ship at sea *yeah yeah i know I’m better than Shakespeare lool* Anywhoooo as I took a gander across campus I am to an epiphany for swag!!!!I got my summer look πŸ˜€ Dr Martins, Chino shorts and some dope t-shirts oh and them retro kinda caridgans

!!! I’ve always had a fetish for Doc Martins, but was never brave enough… but you know what… stuff the world and its social constructs of what i can and can’t wear!!!!! I DO ME!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SEE GOD, IM JUST LIKE HIM πŸ˜€


check the swag πŸ˜€


if you like it good on ya … if you dont then dont wear it lol


Lil kids never cease to amaze me

Posted in Just Talking on April 5, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Its me again in a little break from my 4000 word assignment… Yes I’m still writing it, I can feel your judging eyes piercing through the screen… OK maybe not lol… But I saw this little girl on youtube and I just had to post her on my blog she’s adorable, she’s defo gonna be a star… Remember you heard it from me 1st OK Ellen hosted her on her show, but 2nd is still respectable lol anywhoooooo here she is!!! enjoy


I love my besties!!!

Posted in Just Talking on April 5, 2011 by dewysinatra

Hello Hi There!!! Sometimes when you’re having a bad day and you wanna act like a diva with God and be all like “Ah leave me alone” or “WHY ME!!!” or even “you know what God, I’ll give up you know, don’t try stop me” looooooool oh I’ve made my self laugh out loud when I look back at my emotional rants with my best friend, lover and all around sweet heart Jesus… But the love of my life never leaves me, never forsakes me, but always points me back to His love… And I wanna take this moment to blog about my bestie Chi-Chi πŸ˜€ God really used her today to remind me how much He loves me, and His never ceasing affections, and even when I feel like giving up, His Grace (the divine influence of God) kicks in, and pushes me further than I ever thought I could go, and His love just gives me that motivation to fly kick the devil and remind him that he can’t dictate my mood, and even when he throws things my way Jesus is always there!!!!! And God just pointed me back to something Paul wrote “For I resolved to know nothing (to be acquainted with nothing, to make a display of the knowledge of nothing, and to be conscious of nothing) among you except Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and Him crucified.”(1cor 2:2) Because in His death my life begins, in His suffering I have victory, all I ever need is in Him crucified… Just like when a seed dies in the ground a tree is birthed baring fruit… I guess thats why we have fruits of the spirit because in His death is our life *Yeah I’m dropping some wisdom loool, I make myself chuckle*

Enjoy your nights, enjoy your dreams, enjoy your studying, enjoy your essays, but most of all ENJOY JESUS!!!!!!


one more shout out to chichi for beign there today love ya mayne!!!!